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We would like to thank the many singers, promoters, and producers who have helped us locate a lot of the Oldies stars. With their help, they have made this site possible by allowing us to bring to you a piece of History in Rock & Roll with all their music and photos.

All songs on this site are used with permission from each of the performers that are pictured. This is our way of saying thank you for the music that we grew up with, and all of the great memories that they all bring back.

God bless all of you.

WELCOME to the Greatest Rock & Roll Concert

in the History of MUSIC.

Thank you for your contribution to Rock & Roll

This section is a tribute to the many other People that have been extremely helpful in the project that we are doing.


Steve Jarrell, Nashville, Tennessee

Gary Larkin, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Alan Clark, West Covina, Cal.

Warren Cosford, from Winsord Ontario, Canada

Mike Marks, Los Angeles, Cal.

Bob Timmers, Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

Richie Beattie, Repoís Music Site

Lucille, Lucilleís Rockiní Radio

Diane Renay, Even though she no longer performs, she is still a part of this concert.

Tom Simon, I donít know where Tom lives

Steve Rappaport, Former member of the Ran-Dells



Gene Hughes, Nashville, Tennessee

And last but not least:

Arlene Bell, Las Vegas, Nevada who has spent 1,000's of hours on this site.

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