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Oldies Rock and Roll from the 50's & 60's music, photographs and biographies are on the following photo pages which are graphic intensive, so please be patient. There are links to the performers web pages and will soon have links to hear their music.

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  Len Barry 

Chuck Rio - The Champs 

Brian Hyland 

This Philadelphia native was the lead singer of the Dovells. they topped the POP charts in 1961 with "You Can't Sit Down", followed by "Hully Gully Baby" in 1962, and that smash hit was followed by "You Can't Sit Down". Len Barry left the group to embark on a solo career. His first major hit as a solo artist was "1-2-3" in 1964. Len still resides in the Philly area.
Chuck Rio was the lead guitarist for the Grammy award winning group, who's first smash record was the ever popular "Tequila". Chuck also wrote that popular "GRAMMY AWARD WINNER". The Champs also recorded another hit with "Limbo Rock". Chuck Rio and his family still reside in Southern California.
This Queens, New Yorker, known as the bashful blonde, had a #1 hit in the summer of 1960 with a novelty song titled, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", on the Leader Record Label. It was sold to ABC-Paramount and went #1 nationwide. Brian had 17 songs reach the TOP 40 with "Sealed With A Kiss", becoming his trademark song. Brian lives in Victorville, California.

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Maurice Williams 

Tony Bellus 

Bruce Belland - Four Preps
This South Carolina native had his first major R&B hit in 1956 with his group, The Gladiators. That song was "Little Darlin", which was also covered by the Diamonds in 1956. His next hit was "Stay" with Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. That song was also re-recorded by the Four Seasons. Maurice now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.
The Chicago native wrote and recorded a giant hit in 1958, "Robbin' The Cradle". Tony was the first Chicagoan to chart on the POP Charts. Today Tony & his wife life in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.
The lead singer of this college group was Bruce Belland, who wrote all of their major hits. All four members of the group attended Hollywood High School and also attended UCLA. Their first major hit was "26 Miles" in 1958, followed by "Big Man" (58), Down by the Station" (60), "Got A Girl" (60), "More Money For You & Me" (60), and "The Big Draft Medley", in 1962, and "A Letter To The Beatles" in 1964. All four members still live in Southern California.

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Jimmy Jones

Joe Dowell 


In 1961 Jimmy wrote and recorded a song that has since been re-recorded by the likes of Del Shannon and James Taylor. That giant hit was "Handy Man". Jimmy also had another major hit in 1961 with "Good Timing". Today Jimmy & his wife reside in South Carolina.
This Illinois native was attending the University of Illinois when he decided to pursue a singing career in Nashville. His giant hit on the Smash Record Label was a song that Elvis Presley had sung in "G. I. Blues". That song was "Wooden Heart", which reached #1 on the Pop Charts worldwide. That hit was followed up "Little Red Rented Sailboat" ad "Bridge of Love". Today Joe still resides in a small Central Illinois Community with his wife Birgit and 2 daughters, Amanda and Hanna.
This Los Angeles based group first recorded on the Demon label. In June 1958 they recorded their first major hit, "Western Movies". In 1959 they signed with the Arvee Record Label and had their second major hit with "Big Boy Pete". The group still lives in Southern California.

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