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Oldies Rock and Roll from the 50's & 60's music, photographs and biographies are on the following photo pages which are graphic intensive, so please be patient. There are links to the performers web pages and will soon have links to hear their music.

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  Sandy Nelson

Joannie Sommer 

Sue Thompson 

Sandy is the most successful drummer in Rock & Roll History. He is the only drummer to have two top 10 hits on the POP charts. His first Major hit was on the Original Sound Label owned by Art Laboe. That 1959 song was "Teen Beat". Sandy's next major hit was "Let There Be Drums" in 1961. Sandy recorded 32 albums in his career. Sandy also played drums on many other hits, including "To Know Him Is To Love Him". That group's leader and background vocalist was Phil Spector. He was paid $10 for that session. Today Sandy lives in Boulder City, Nevada.
Joannie was the Pepsi Cola girl for many years. Joannie's style of music is considered to be a Jazz style, even though her biggest hits, "One Boy", and "Johnny Get Angry", were huge pop hits. The Buffalo New York native, resides in the Los Angeles area.
Sue's first major hit was the ballad, "Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry". This was followed by "James, (Hold The Ladder Steady", "Norman", and "Paper Tiger" her last major hit on the pop charts. All 4 of these hits went gold. Sue also had some success in the Country field with a Gold record, "Big Mable Murphy". Sue also recorded four LP's with the great Don Gibson in the early 70's. Sue and her husband Ted live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tommy Roe  

Troy Shondell 

Tommy Sands 
This Atlanta native is considered by many as the first of the Bubble Gum singers. Tommy's first recording was a #1 hit nationwide, that song was "Sheila". "Sheila" was followed by a remake of Robin Luke's Giant 1958 hit, "Susie Darlin". Tommy had a total of 15 songs enter the Top 40. Tommy still tours the world and is currently residing in Southern California & Atlanta.
Troy recorded for many years in the Rock-A-Billy field under his real name, Gary Schelton. Troy is the only Rock & Roll performer to come from his home town of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. In 1961 Troy had his biggest hit with "This Time", on his own label, Goldcrest. The song was picked up nationally by Liberty Records. Troy & his wife reside in Antioch, Tennessee.
Tommy was one of the first of many teen idols. Tommy graduated from Calumet High School in Chicago, Illinois. Tommy started his singing career as a Rock-A-Billy singer. His biggest hit was "Teenage Crush", on Capital Records in 1957. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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LeRoy Van Dyke

Wanda Jackson 

Jewel Akens

This real live Auctioneer recorded a song in 1956 titled "The Auctioneer" on the Dot Record label. It reached # 1 on both POP & Country charts. In 1961 LeRoy recorded a song that became another # 1 hit on both the POP & Country charts. That song was "Walk On By". "Walk On By" is C&W's all time # 1 song according to Billboard Magazine. LeRoy & his wife own a cattle farm in Missouri.
This Oklahoma native became the Queen of Rock-A-Billy with the top 10 hit "Let's Have A Party" in 1960. She also had POP hits in 1961 with "Right or Wrong", and In The Middle Of A Heartache". Wanda also did very well on the Country Charts and the Gospel charts. Wanda and her manager husband, Wendall Goodman reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
This Houston, Texas native had a smash hit in 1965 with "The Birds & the Bees" on the ERA label. Jewel was a member of the Four Tunes and had his own group The Four Dots in the early sixties. Jewel is still recording today and presently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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