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Oldies Rock and Roll from the 50's & 60's music, photographs and biographies are on the following photo pages which are graphic intensive, so please be patient. There are links to the performers web pages and will soon have links to hear their music.

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Narvel Felts 

This Los Angeles based R&B group had two huge hits on the R&B charts in 1954, on the Dootone label. Their first hit was "The Letter" followed by "Buick `59", both songs coming in 1954. Lead singer Vernon Green still resides in his hometown in Los Angeles.
The Los Angeles based trio hit the charts in 1963 with the smash hit "Popsicles & Icicles" on the Chatahoochie Label. It reached #3 on the Top 40 charts. The trio still lives in Southern California. They began singing together again in 1998.
An original Sun recording artist, Narvel had quite a successful career in the Rock-A-Billy field. Narvel became a major star in the C & W Field. He had 11 # 1 songs that spanned from the late 60's to the late 70's. Narvel & his wife Loretta, reside in Malden, Missouri.

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Paul Petersen  

Paul & Paula 

Paul Evans 
Paul was an original Mousketeer on the Mickey Mouse Club, with Annette and Johnny Crawford. Paul was a co-star on the Donna Reed show from 1959-1966. Also on that show was Shelley Fabares. Paul had hits with, "Lollipops and Roses", "My Dad", and "She can't find Her Keys". Today Paul runs an organization to help former and present child stars. Paul and is wife Rana reside in Southern California.
Paul & Paula both come from the state of Texas. It took Paul seven months to write their great # 1 recording. That song, "Hey Paula", reached #1 on all Pop charts in February 1963. Their follow-up hit, "Young Lovers" cracked the top 40 the same year. Today Ray Hillebrand, (Paul) lives in Kansas, and Jill Jackson(Paula) lives in Southern California.
Paul wrote "When" for the Kalin Twins, "I Gotta Know" by Elvis, "The Next Step Is Love" by Elvis, and "Roses Are Red" by Bobby Vinton. His biggest hit as a solo artist was "Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Backseat" in 1959. He also had 3 other hits in 1960 with, "Happy- Go-Lucky Me", "Brigade of Broken Hearts", and "Midnight Special". He also charted in the Country field in the 70's with, ""Hello, This Is Joannie", (the answering machine song), and "Happy Birthday America". A native New Yorker, Paul still resides in the Big Apple.

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Pixies Three 

Ray Peterson 

Ronnie Hawkins

These Hanover, Pennsylvania natives had two major hits in 1963 on the Mercury label. Their first hit was "Birthday Party", followed by "442 Glenwood Ave.". Original members, Debbie Horn, Kaye Krebs, and Bonnie Walker regrouped in 1991, and are now performing all around the world.
In 1959, Ray's first major hit was "The Wonder of You", on the RCA Record label. "The Wonder of You", later became Elvis Presley's signature song. Elvis even called Ray at his home and asked for Ray's permission to record the song. Of course Ray gave him permission. The rest is Rock & Roll history. His next two hits were giant successes with, "Tell Laura I Love Her", and "Corrina, Corrina". Tell Laura I Love Her" is the number 2 all-time selling Rock & Roll song in history, only behind Bill Haley's song, "Rock Around The Clock". "Laura" has sold in excess of 60,000,000 records. Ray has a total of 9 Gold Records. Ray & his wife Claudette live in Smyrna, Tennessee.
This Arkansas native became the focus of Rock & Roll's future in music sounds. He formed a band in 1965 called "THE BAND". Ronnie's two major hits came in 1959. The songs were "Forty Days" and "Mary Lou". Ronnie moved to Canada in 1959, and still lives there today.

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