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Oldies Rock and Roll from the 50's & 60's music, photographs and biographies are on the following photo pages which are graphic intensive, so please be patient. There are links to the performers web pages and will soon have links to hear their music.

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  Don Weise 

Jimmy Elledge 

Tommy Facenda 

Don wrote one of the last hits for Little Richard in 1964. That song was "Poor Boy Paul". This Nebraska native and Bobby Wayne wrote & recorded a song for the Academy award winning movie, "Run, Appaloosa, Run". The title of the song was "The Ballad of the Appaloosa". Don now resides in Washington.
Nashville, Tennessee native Jimmy Elledge had a giant hit in 1961 with a song that Willie Nelson wrote. That song was "Funny How Time Slips Away". Jimmy is still active in the music industry today. Jimmy resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Tommy "Bubba" Facenda, an original member of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps hails from the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tommy recorded possibly one of the most difficult songs that has ever been recorded. That song was "High School USA". The difficulty in this song is that it was done in 30 different versions, for 30 different US Cities, States, and Regions of the United States. Tommy is a retired firefighter from Portsmouth, Virginia.

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Clarence "Frogman" Henry  

Gene Hughes 

George Hamilton IV  
Clarence got his nickname after recording "Ain't Got No Home". He overdubbed the sons in three different voices, one of which sounded like a frog, hence "Frogman". His biggest hit was a 1961 recording of "I Don't Know Why I Love You, But I Do", on the Argo label, a subsidiary of Chess Records. Today, Clarence still lives in his hometown of New Orleans.
This Cincinnati native's group, the Casinos had a #1 hit in 1967 with a John D. Loudermilk song titled, "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", on the Fraternity label. The lead singer of the Casinos was Gene Hughes. Gene has been bringing back the oldies artists to Nashville for an old time Rock & Roll get together. Today Gene and his family live in Nashville.
This North Carolina native had one of the biggest hits in 1956. That song, "A Rose and A Baby Ruth", was the first top 10 Ten hit written by John D. Loudermilk, and was definitely not his last hit. George's next hit was "Why Don't They Understand" in 1958. His next line of hits were "Abilene" in 1963, and "Break My Mind" in 1965. George presently lives in Nashville.

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Glen Glen 

Ersel Hickey 

Jack Scott 

One of the most underrated singers of the Rock-A-Billy era, Glen is a performer who never reached his rightful place of stardom. His biggest record was a ballad titled "Laurie Ann", which was the pick of the week on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. He also had hits in 1958 with "Everybody's Movin' ", and "Another Cup of Coffee". He also had one of the last true Rock-A-Billy ballads with "Blue Jeans And A Boy's Shirt", in 1960, and had the highest charted hit "Laurie Ann", with a girl's name. Glen is married to Mary, and resides in Ontario, Ca.

Ersel wrote & recorded a major national hit in 1958 titled, "Bluebirds Over The Mountain". The New York native also wrote a song for Jimmie Rodgers, "The Crooked Little Man (Don't Let The Rain Come Down)". The Serendipity Singers heard on a Roulette album by Jimmie, and recorded the song themselves on the Phillips label. That song became a #1 hit. Ersel is residing in New Jersey.
Jack Scott was the first major Rock & Roll star from the Midwest. He set the tones for the future recording stars in the state of Michigan. Jack's first 19 released songs all hit the U. S. top 100. No other performer, before or after, has accomplished this feat. Jack is also the only Rock & Roll artist to write and sing a gospel song that charted in the HOT 100. That song was 'Save My Soul". Jack also wrote every major hit that he recorded, except for "Burning Bridges", which a was Jack's highest charted hit at #3. Jack's other big hits were: "My True Love", "LeRoy", What In the World's Come Over You", "Goodbye Baby", "The Way I Walk", & "It Only Happened Yesterday". Jack has 4 Gold Records to his credit.

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