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Oldies Rock and Roll from the 50's & 60's music, photographs and biographies are on the following photo pages which are graphic intensive, so please be patient. There are links to the performers web pages and will soon have links to hear their music.

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  Dale & Grace 

Dale Hawkins 

Dave Somerville 

Louisiana natives, Dale Houston and Grace Broussard began their singing careers as solo singers at local nightclubs in Baton Rouge. In 1963 they recorded a #1 hit titled "I'm Leaving it up to You". That song was followed by another that went GOLD, "Stop & Think It Over". Both were on the Montel label. Dale & Grace still live in Louisiana today.
This Louisiana native, a Rock-A-Billy performer wrote and recorded a giant R&B hit titled "Oh, Suzy Q" in 1958 on Checker Records. This song was recorded again by CCR in 1969, That version was a #1 hit for John Fogerty & CCR. Dale is still active singing worldwide and is presently living in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Dave Somerville was the lead singer of one of the most successful groups in Rock & Roll History. The DIAMONDS had 27 top 40 songs from 1956 to 1961. The Diamonds biggest hit was in 1957 with their cover version of "Little Darlin' ", which reached #2 on the charts. The only #1 song they had was in December 1957 with "The Stroll". The Original Diamonds are Canadians. Today Dave resides in Southern California.

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Dee Dee Sharp 

Dick & Dee Dee  

Dickey Lee

This Philadelphia native had a major hit in 1962 with "Mashed Potato Time" on the Cameo Record label. That hit was followed up with "Gravy", "Ride", "Do The Bird", and "Rock Me In The Cradle Of Love". Dee Dee still performs today and has recently released a new CD. Dee Dee is a Clinical Psychologist in New Jersey.
Dick & Dee Dee had charted hits on the TOP 40 survey from 1961 to 1968. Their first major hit "The Mountain's High", became a number 1 song in October, 1961. Their follow-up hits were, "Tell Me" (62), "Young & In Love" (63), "Turn Around "(63), "All My Trials" (64), and "Thou Shalt Not Steal" (64). They are both natives of Los Angeles, and still reside in Los Angeles, California area.
Dickey recorded for Sun Records in Memphis in 1956. His first major national hit was the teen tragic ballad, "Patches" on Smash Records. His follow hits were, "I Saw Linda Yesterday", "Don't Wanna Think About Paula Anymore", and another Teen tragedy song, "Laurie". Dickey also wrote, "She Thinks I Still Care", which has become a Country Standard. Dickey was inducted into the SONGWRITERS Hall of Fame in 1995. Dickey & his wife live in the Nashville area.

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Dobie Gray 

Dodie Stevens 

Ronnie Dove 

Dobie was born in Simonton, a small Texas town a few miles west of Houston. Greatly influenced by his granddaddy, a Baptist minister, Dobie's life revolved around all styles of music, including Gospel, Country, Tex-Mex. and R&B. "The In Crowd" & "Drift Away" were his two huge hits in the mid-sixties, with both songs reaching gold record status. "Drift Away" has since been recorded by Narvel Felts in the Country field and Michael Bolton in the pop field. Dobie resides in Nashville, Tennessee.
Dodie was 13 at the time that she had her major hit with "Pink Shoe Laces". That year was 1959, recorded on the Crysalette label. Dodie also had a hit with an Elvis answer song, "Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight". A native from California, she still resides in the San Diego California area.
Ronnie is one of the most successful recording stars of the pre-British Invasion music era. Ronnie had 32 charted hits from 1963 to 1971. His biggest hit was "When Liking Turns to Loving" in 1964. Ronnie's first major hit was "Got A Little of Heaven", in 1963. Ronnie owns and operates his very successful night club, The Dove Nest, in Baltimore, Maryland, where Ronnie & his wife Martha reside.

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